Un pied de vigne de Meunier - Champagne Laurent Godard, vigneron dans la Vallée de la Marne
L'emblème du Clan | Champagne Laurent Godard

our land

Our 4.16 hectare estate is located in Verneuil, deep in the heart of Vallée de la Marne.

Located on the right-hand bank of the biggest river in France, it consists of 15 plots, spread across four large localities, which have names with meanings that are linked to their characteristics:

Les Carreaux [The Tiles], Les Grés [The Sandstones], Les Hauts de la Malmaison [The Heights of Malmaison] and Les Quatrièmes [The Fourths].

The Meunier,
King of varieties

The Meunier is king of the estate here. Reflecting its terroir, it reigns supreme, covering more than 2.55 hectares.

Accounting for 76,000 and 58,000 square metres respectively, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay come in second and third place respectively.

Paysage de Champagne - Des parcelles du vignoble du Champagne Laurent Godard, dans la Vallée de la Marne
Laurent Godard et son fils Amaury dans une parcelle de vigne du domaine

The power of being

We are committed to our land, but also to our family. In the greatest sense of the word, as our initiative goes beyond our own individual interest. As ex-President of the cooperative, I am now one of the 11 administrators. My mandate means that I participate in the decisions of the council.

My commitments are multiple. As an AVC (Association Viticole Champenoise [Champagne Wine Growers’ Association]) correspondent, I can contribute to championing the Champagne name and its values.

L'emblème du Clan | Champagne Laurent Godard

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